What is a Private Fund and Accredited Investors and How Can They Raise Capital?

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How do private funds provide capital to early-stage companies? A fund is an entity created to pool money from multiple investors—often referred to as limited partners. Each investor makes an investment in the fund by purchasing an interest in the fund entity, and the adviser uses that money to make investments on behalf of the fund. Traditional venture […]

What is a Family Office? Do You Need One? Are They Beneficial?

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KEY TAKEAWAYS Family offices provide a broad spectrum of private wealth management services to one or a small number of ultra-high-net-worth families. Besides financial services, family offices can provide various kinds of planning, charitable giving advice, concierge services, and other comprehensive services. An important responsibility a family office has is to educate next generations in […]

What is a “Family Client” ?

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The term “Family client“ means a current or former family member or Key Employee; any non-profit organization, charitable trust (including charitable lead trusts and charitable remainder trusts whose only current beneficiaries are other Family Clients and charitable or non-profit organizations), or other charitable organization, in each case exclusively funded by one or more other Family Clients; […]