Mint $FUNDS Tokens

The Cardano FUNDS Vault

5 $ADA = 10,000,000 $FUNDS


The launch of $FUNDS will follow a phased approach, beginning with decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and later expanding to centralized exchanges (CEXs). During the presale phase, participants can acquire $FUNDS tokens from DEXs or directly from the $FUNDS vault.

The decision to start on DEXs emphasizes the project’s commitment to decentralization and inclusivity. By launching on DEX platforms, $FUNDS aims to create a transparent and accessible environment for token distribution, allowing individuals to easily trade and engage with the tokens. This approach promotes a vibrant and active community.

As $FUNDS gains momentum and establishes a solid foundation, the project will progress towards listing on reputable CEXs. This expansion to CEXs offers broader accessibility to a larger audience and facilitates increased liquidity. It also enhances $FUNDS’ visibility and exposure in the crypto market, attracting more investors and potential users.

Importantly, once a certain momentum is reached with the $FUNDS token, all remaining liquidity will be permanently locked on DEXs. This measure ensures the stability and integrity of the token’s liquidity pool, providing a secure and reliable trading environment for participants. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the founders will keep ZERO tokens as in accordance to the announced tokenomics, reinforcing the project’s commitment to fairness and transparency.

The phased approach of launching on DEXs and expanding to CEXs ensures a strategic and controlled growth trajectory for $FUNDS, maximizing its reach and impact in the crypto space while maintaining a strong focus on decentralization and community engagement.


Amount: 5 ADA


Total: ADA